Children's Brain Health 50t

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Caruso's Children's Brain Health has been formulated as a great tasting chewable fish oil with DHA, iodine and phosphatidylserine. Ideal for any growing child to support brain and mental function.

Health Benefits

Caruso's Children's Brain Health is a high strength omega-3 fish oil with concentrated DHA, iodine and phosphatidylserine. Ideal for supporting brain, cognitive function and maintaining nervous system health for any growing child.

Caruso’s Brain Health Indications:

  • Support learning and mental concentration
  • Support information and cognitive development
  • It helps promote increase attention span
  • Support brain health and function
  • Support healthy growth and development
  • Maintains nervous system health and thyroid hormones


      Active Ingredients. Each chewable capsule contains:

      Concentrated Fish Omega-3 triglycerides 400mg
      Equiv. DHA 200mg
      Equiv. EPA 40mg
      Potassium Iodide 52.3 micrograms
      Equiv. to iodine 40 micrograms
      Equiv. to potassium 12.3 micrograms
      Soy Phosphatidylserine-enriched soy lecithin powder 75mg
      Equiv. soy phosphatidylserine 45mg

      Premium Ingredients:

      Name: Concentrated Fish Omega-3 triglycerides

      Description: Omega-3 triglycerides are fat-soluble nutrients that contain key compounds EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is found as a structural component found in membranes of all tissues.
      DHA supports brain and cognitive function as well as supports eye development and maintains healthy eyesight and vision.

      Name: Iodine

      Description: Iodine is a mineral used to make thyroid hormones and plays a role in many functions of the body. The body needs iodine for healthy growth and development.


        Children from 2 years: Chew one capsule twice daily with food or your health professional's advice. Children may either chew the capsule before swallowing or pierce the capsule and empty contents onto a spoon.


        Orange oval-shaped softgel chewable capsule

        L: 12mm

        Flavour: Orange



        • Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.
        • Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
        • Contains soya and sulfites
        • Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications


        • Contains fish oil. Not to be used by children with seafood allergies.