Nail Revive 20ml

$59.95 AUD


Nail Revive is a topical nail product proven to restore the appearance of Fungal Nails or Discoloured Nails rapidly.

Nail Revive has a unique action, promoting repair with rapid, visible improvement after 2–4 weeks. Application is simple, apply once a day without the need to file the Nail.

How does it work?

These ingredients have a powerful penetrating ability allowing them to penetrate directly into the nail bed (without the need of filing) where the infection lies and changes the micro-environment of the Nail, making it inhospitable for fungus AND bacteria – rendering Nail Revive as Fungicidal and Bactericidal.

How to use Nail Revive?

  • Apply Nail Revive once daily to affected nails, preferably in the evening just before bedtime
  • Hold the point of the tube onto the Nail and press lightly
  • Apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the Nail
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes

Duration of use varies according to the extent of the Nail's discolouration/damage. It normally requires at least 3–6 months of use (as this is how long it takes for the Nail to grow out), but visible results can often be seen already after 2–4 weeks. For optimal results, this should be continued until the new Nail has grown out.