Manuka Honey 8+ MGO 200 500g

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Please note this product cannot be shipped to Western Australia due to quarantine regulations.


New Zealand Manuka Honey 8+ 250g: Manuka is the Native New Zealand Maori name for the Leptospermum scoparium tree. Australian by Nature sources Manuka Honey from our apiaries in far north New Zealand. This honey produced by honeybees and collected from beehives located in high density, organic and pollution accessible Manuka Forests. New Zealand Manuka Honey is the purest source of Manuka Honey in the world. The reason being, the forests are predominately covered with a single species of Manuka, therefore minimising contamination from other species of plants.

Harvesting & Production

Once the Manuka collected from the beehives, it is filtered and bottled to ensure its natural properties. Fresh Manuka packed in one of New Zealand’s most highly accredited facilities is labelled according to the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Manuka Honey is highly stable, not affected by light, heat, or dilution, making it very effective. Australian by Nature New Zealand Manuka Honey is 100% natural with no additives.

Quality Guarantee

Each batch of Australian by Nature New Zealand Manuka Honey 8+ 250g is tested and certified by an accredited laboratory under the ISO17025 standard for its MGO (Methylglyoxal). This test result is shown on our label. For example, MGO 600 (16+) Manuka Honey assures a minimum of 600mg of MGO (methylglyoxal) per kg.

The Molan Gold Standard™ is a government accepted certification mark that appraises the biological marker methylglyoxal found in New Zealand Manuka Honey. The Molan Gold Standard offers our consumers complete confidence their purchase has an accurate, scientifically conducted measurement of the claimed MGO (methylglyoxal) content.

The Molan Gold Standard™ was developed and named after the scientist who discovered the unique antibacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey when applied topically. Dr Peter Molan MBE. Dr Molan is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading honey scientists and has been researching honey since 1981, publishing many well-known papers in international scientific and medical journals.


All the goodness of honey from this rare New Zealand Manuka Honey highly regarded for its unique complex properties


100% New Zealand Manuka honey. Harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand.

Serving Suggestion

Suggested serving amount: 10g


Not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.