Haemo-Red Plus 30t

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By Eagle



HAEMO-RED® PLUS has been formulated with iron bisglycinate, a better GI-tolerated and bioavailable form of iron, to support breastfeeding women, women of childbearing age, vegetarians, vegans and athletes when iron requirements are higher. In addition to vitamin C, it also contains metabolically active forms of B vitamins, including methyl-B12, 5-MTHF, P-5-P and R-S-P, to support metabolic pathways and to maintain levels in the body.


  • Assists healthy red blood cell production and maintains red blood cell health
  • Assist oxygen transport to body tissues
  • Maintains iron levels in the body within normal range: athletes, active individuals, breastfeeding women, adolescents, teenagers, vegetarians, vegans, females, older females, older males
  • Supports vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, B12 and folate levels in the body
  • Supports absorption of dietary iron
  • Assist carbohydrate metabolism
  • It helps convert carbohydrates, fat and protein into energy
  • Supports energy production (in the cell's mitochondria)
  • Iron bisglycinate may be well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract, reducing gastrointestinal complaints associated with other forms of iron
  • Provides levomefolic acid, the predominant and most biologically active form of folate in the body
  • Mecobalamin (Co-methylcobalamin) functions as a cofactor to the enzyme methionine synthase, which is involved in transferring methyl groups for the regeneration of methionine from homocysteine.


Iron (II) glycinate (Iron bisglycinate) 120 mg
equiv. Iron 24 mg
Calcium ascorbate dihydrate 242 mg
equiv. Ascorbic acid (Vit C) 200 mg
Riboflavin sodium phosphate (Vit B2) 20 mg
Pyridoxal 5-phosphate monohydrate 20 mg
equiv. pyridoxine (Vit B6) 12.8 mg
Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit B1) 10 mg
Levomefolate calcium 433 mcg
equiv. Levomefolic acid (5-MTHF) 400 mcg
Mecobalamin (co-methylcobalamin) (Vit B12) 400 mcg


Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, citric acid, colloidal anhydrous silica, crospovidone, hypromellose, iron oxide black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, macrogol 400, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide.

No added:

Gluten, soya bean, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacea, egg, sesame seeds, artificial sweeteners or flavours.


Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food.
Or as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • Not for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions
  • Do not exceed the stated dose except on medical advice
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • If symptoms persist, seek additional professional advice