Family Bundle

$619.70 AUD

Discover the ideal solution for your family's health and wellness with GhamaHealth's Family Wellness Bundle. This carefully selected package includes:

  • Bio Q Absorb 150 60sc: A powerful coenzyme Q10 supplement for heart health and energy.
  • Mega Magnesium Night Passion: A delicious, raspberry-flavoured formula that promotes calm and relaxation.

  • E.N.T. Immune Care for Kids 97g: Specially formulated to support children's immune health.
  • Pregnancy Care Advanced 60t: Essential nutrients for expecting mothers and their developing babies.
  • Ultra Flora Kids Care 50g: A probiotic supplement to maintain children's healthy digestive and immune function.
  • Vitamin E8 30c: A blend of Vitamin E forms for antioxidant support and overall wellness.


The Family Wellness Bundle presented here illustrates what customers can create when selecting a bundle at GhamaHealth. These product combinations are suggestions and are not the only options available. Customers can customize their bundles according to their specific health needs and preferences.

While these products are intended to support general health and wellness, they are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. We recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children under 18, and individuals with known medical conditions consult a physician before using dietary supplements.

Product availability may vary, and the contents of any bundle are subject to change. Always read the products' labels, warnings, and directions before using them. GhamaHealth is not responsible for any adverse reactions or side effects from using these products.

Customers acknowledge and agree to these terms by customizing and purchasing a bundle and assuming full responsibility for their chosen products.