Children's Bundle

$159.95 AUD

Children's Wellness Bundle by GhamaHealth

Introduce your little ones to the essentials of health with GhamaHealth's Children's Wellness Bundle. Thoughtfully crafted for growing bodies and minds, this bundle includes:

  • Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc (200ml): A vital blend to support strong bones and teeth, essential for active and growing children.
  • Cod Liv A & D for Kids (100ml): Rich in vitamins A and D, this supplement is great for immune support and overall health, tailored for young ones.
  • Fibroplex MagActive Kids (120g): Specially formulated for kids, this supplement promotes healthy muscle function and energy production, ideal for everyday play and learning activities.

Each product in our Children's Wellness Bundle is selected for its high quality and child-friendly formulation. We focus on making health both enjoyable and beneficial for kids, ensuring peace of mind for parents. Choose this bundle for a convenient, comprehensive approach to your child's daily health routine.


The Children's Wellness Bundle, featuring Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc, Cod Liv A & D for Kids, and Fibroplex MagActive Kids, serves as an example of the type of health and wellness bundles you can create at GhamaHealth. Customers are welcome to customize their bundles to suit their specific needs.

These products are designed for general health and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Their effectiveness may vary. Parents and guardians should consult a healthcare professional before administering these products, especially if the child has existing health conditions.

GhamaHealth is not liable for adverse reactions or side effects from these products. The responsibility for their appropriate use lies with the parent or guardian. Always read and follow the labels and instructions provided.

Product formulations and availability are subject to change. By purchasing any bundle, including this example, customers acknowledge and agree to these terms.