Bergamot 50t

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Cholesterol Support

Bergamot's beneficial effects of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in healthy individuals have been the focus of some very recent research. However, Bergamot has been used throughout the Calabrian region of Italy for many years to help support and promote overall cardiovascular system health.

Health Benefits

Why use Caruso’s Bergamot?

Caruso’s Bergamot is ideal for people who wish to maintain cardiovascular system health. The polyphenols in Bergamot may help maintain healthy blood lipids and cholesterol levels in healthy people while supporting heart health. Additionally, Bergamot may help maintain and support normal healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

Caruso’s Bergamot has been formulated for:

  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range in healthy individuals.
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar balance in healthy individuals
  • Helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Helping to maintain blood vessel and artery health


      Each tablet contains:

      Citrus aurantium(Bergamot) ext. Dry conc. 500g
      From min. fresh juice 75g
       Standardised to flavonoids 132.5mg

      Premium Ingredients:

      Name: Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot)

      Description: Bergamot juice differs from other citrus fruits because it contains exceptionally large amounts of unique polyphenols, which help support cardiovascular health. The juice is extracted, and the active Polyphenols are concentrated.


      Adults take 1 tablet daily with food or as advised by your health professional. The dose may be increased to 2 tablets daily if required.


      Dark Green in colour. Oval shaped dark green tablet.

      L: 22.7mm
      W: 9.7mm
      Thickness: 6.0mm

      Flavour: None.

      Note: Suitable for Vegans



      • Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.
      • Not to be used in pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.


      • Take at least two hours away from pharmaceutical medications.