Nature Sweet Tablet Top Sweetener 100g

$29.95 AUD


Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute is a 100% natural alternative to sugar. It contains sugar alcohols naturally found in many fruits and vegetables, which are sweet like sugar but do not cause spikes in blood glucose levels, cravings, or binge eating. Suitable for those with diabetes, insulin resistance, or those trying to lose weight, Nature Sweet contains only a fraction of sugar calories.

Nature Sweet contains:

  • Maltitol: A sugar alcohol derived from tapioca that has 70-90% of the sweetness of sugar. It does not contribute to tooth decay.
  • Erythritol: Found naturally in fruits and vegetables, this sugar alcohol is 60-70% as sweet as sugar, has almost zero calories, and does not affect blood sugar levels.
  • Inulin: A prebiotic soluble fibre derived from chicory root that supports good gut health.
  • Stevia: A herb roughly 300 times sweeter than sugar, calorie-free and does not affect blood sugar levels.

Note: Sugar alcohols do not contain ethanol and cannot make you drunk. They are natural sweet substances derived from plant sources.

The benefits of Nature Sweet:

  • 100% Natural
  • Only 3.69 calories per serving
  • Less than 1g of carbs per serve
  • Protective against tooth decay
  • It may improve gut health
  • Does not spike blood sugar
  • Low GI
  • Ideal for weight loss programs
  • Perfect for people with diabetes and those with Syndrome X
  • Usable in tea, coffee, cooking, and baking
  • Free from gluten, dairy, additives, and preservatives

Signs that you should quit sugar:

  • Sugar cravings
  • Excess weight around the abdomen
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Dental cavities
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Arthritis

Dosage: Use 1/4 of a teaspoon to taste in hot or cold beverages, cereal, or cooking.

Cautions and contraindications: Avoid if allergic to any components. Inulin is derived from chicory.

Nutrition information (Per Serve / Per 100 g):

Energy: 15.5 kJ / 1242 kj
Calories: 3.69 / 295.7
Protein, Fat, Saturated Fat: <1 g / <1 g
Carbohydrates, Sugars, Dietary Fiber: <1 g, 4.9 g, 5.28 g
Sodium: <1 mg / <2 mg

*Soluble fibre from chicory

Ingredients: Maltitol, Erythritol, Inulin, Stevia extract.