L-Theanine 50g

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By RN Labs



The Calm in the Storm

Experience tranquillity and heightened focus with our L-Theanine capsules. Derived from the serene depths of green tea leaves, this remarkable amino acid has been hailed for its calming properties for centuries. With each capsule delivering a precise 100mg dose, it's your everyday ally in navigating life's challenges gracefully and clearly.

Key Benefits:

  1. Mental Serenity: L-Theanine helps promote a calm yet alert state of mind, providing an oasis of peace in bustling days.
  2. Enhanced Cognition: This supplement boosts your attention span and mental sharpness without the jitters that come from caffeine and other stimulants.
  3. Stress Buster: Melt away stress and anxiety, fostering a serene mental environment.
  4. Sleep Aid: Experience improved sleep quality by easing into relaxation at bedtime.
  5. Balanced Mood: L-Theanine can affect mood regulation by positively influencing brain neurotransmitters.
  • Precise Dosing: Each capsule contains exactly 100mg of pure L-Theanine for consistent and effective results.
  • Natural Origin: Sourced from high-quality green tea leaves.
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: Crafted for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • Non-GMO: Produced without any genetically modified organisms.


Mix a quarter teaspoon (200-250mg) of L-Theanine Powder into water or your favourite beverage. Stir until dissolved. Consume once or twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach or as a healthcare professional advises.


L-theanine 100 mg


  • L-Theanine has not been extensively tested for its effects during pregnancy.
  • Avoid use during pregnancy or lactation unless confident that its impact can be reasonably deemed to be safe or beneficial.
  • Always read the label
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, consult your healthcare professional