Probiotica Clinical 28sct

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Probiotica Clinical contains multiple probiotic strains to help improve intestinal barrier function and support a healthy immune system.


MediHerb Probiotica Clinical has been shown to

  • Improve intestinal barrier function
  • Inhibit mast cell activation
  • Positively influence the immune system by:
    - Stimulating IL-10 secretion
    - Decreasing lipopolysaccharide (LPS) load
  • Reduce susceptibility to suboptimal mood.
  • Support a healthy immune system.
  • Support general health and well-being.


    Dissolve the contents of the sachet (2 g) in 100 mL of lukewarm water or milk alternative. Stir gently before consuming.
    Consume one serving daily, preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast or bedtime.

    Suitable for children from the age of 1 year. Take 2-3 hours away from antibiotics.


      Bifidobacterium bifidum (W23)
      Bifidobacterium lactis (W51)
      Bifidobacterium lactis (W52)
      Lactobacillus acidophilus (W37)
      Lactobacillus brevis (W63)
      Lactobacillus casei (W56)
      Lactobacillus salivarius ssp. salivarius (W24)
      Lactococcus lactis (W19)
      Lactococcus lactis (W58)
      Potassium chloride
      Vegetable protein
      Zea mays (starch) (Corn starch)

      Allergen Information

      • No added: Gluten, milk, dairy, fish, egg, soy, crustaceans, nuts (including peanuts), artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
      • Vegetarian friendly


      Maize starch, maltodextrin, vegetable protein, potassium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and manganese sulphate.

      Nutritional information

      Per serve per 100g
      Carbohydrates 1.6 g 80 g
      Sugar 0 g 2.1 g
      Energy 29 kJ 1429 kJ
      Protein 0.1 g 4.9 g
      Sodium 4.6 mg 232 mg
      Total Fat 0 g 0.5 g
      Saturated Fat 0 g 0.1 g


      • Take 2-3 hours away from antibiotics
      • Do not use when immunocompromised or allergic to one of the ingredients
      • Discontinue seven days before general anaesthesia
      • If patient symptoms persist, seek additional professional advice
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