HiPep 60t

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HiPep contains herbs used in traditional Western herbal medicine for mild inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract as well as mild digestive disturbances such as dyspepsia, flatulence, bloating and belching.


  • Licorice is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve mild gastrointestinal tract inflammation.
  • Chamomile & Meadowsweet are traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for:
    • The relief of symptoms of indigestion and digestive discomfort.
    • The relief of symptoms of dyspepsia including abdominal cramping, bloating, and flatulence.
  • Meadowsweet is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of heartburn.


Adults: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily.

Take after meals for oesophageal reflux and before meals for gastric and duodenal problems.


Each tablet contains:
Glycyrrhiza glabra (deglycyrrhised licorice) extract 125 mg
Derived from min. root dry 3.42 g
Standardised to contain glycyrrhizinic acid 1.25 mg
Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile) extract 100 mg
Derived from flower dry 600 mg
Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) extract 100 mg
Derived from herb dry 500 mg
Matricaria chamomilla (German Chamomile) flower essential oil 5 mg

Allergen Information

No added Gluten, soya bean, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacea, corn, egg, sesame seeds or artificial colours.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.


Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, colloidal anhydrous silica, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, sodium starch glycollate.


  • Contraindicated in cases of known allergy to Chamomile.
  • Caution in cases of known sensitivity to plants of the Compositae (daisy) family.
  • Contains methyl salicylate (not more than 1 mcg per tablet). Meadowsweet should be avoided by persons hypersensitive to salicylates.
  • If symptoms of reflux persist, refer the patient to their physician.