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Amini Mimi Sake  Lees Mud Mask 120g

Amini Mimi Sake Lees Mud Mask 120g

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Amini Mimi Sake Lees Mud Mask 120g

Repair / Metabolism / Reduce dark spot / Firming / Anti-ageing. It helps brighten and delicate facial skin, tightening, which is the best beauty product for youth return. This mud mask contains 100% pure sake lees yeast extract from sake less mud that has fermented for more than 2 years, which contain rich amount of amino acids, enzyme, ribonucleic acids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other natural moisturising factors for skin.

product Features:

- Nature sake lees’ fragrance
- Contain nature moisture factor: NMF, deep
moisturizing, it can remain long-term skin balance, improve skin dullness, whiten and soothing skin,
fine line repair, slow down skin aging, balance oil-water level, refreshing balance.
Suitable Skin Type:
- Applicable to all type of skin (For special skin type, it is recommended to perform a partial test to
confirm there’s no special reaction before continue using.)


- Apply on whole face or partial part after facial cleaning in morning/evening. Wash off after 10-15
minutes. (Refrigerated after open).



Only applicable for external use, do not eat, avoid direct contact to eyes. If any discomforts occur, please stop using and consult a professional physician.
No chemical preservatives/PEG /EDTA /Essence /Petrochemical raw materials/SLS, SLES.Pass SGS test, biological test/heavy metal test.