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Rifold Disposable Medical Mask 3ply Qty 50
Dr Rifold Disposable Medical Mask 3ply Qty 50
Rifold Disposable Medical Mask 3ply Qty 50

Rifold Disposable Medical Mask 3ply Qty 50

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• Comfortable design ear hooks soft and elastic earrings eliminate stress on the ears. The sensitive inner layer is gently applied to the skin with a soft tissue without staining or chemical.

• Diversified functions cover and protect your mouth from contaminated germs, chemicals, liquids, and dust.

• Comfortable and fits most masks are made of non-woven fabric and melt-blown nonwoven fabric for breathability.

• Suitable for crowds and occasions clean, builders, farmers, doctors, students. Ideal for gardening, painting, construction, nail salons, medical, dental uses, and allergic people. Anti-fog and anti-HAZE weather grey sky, hospital, foggy weather, flu season, dust weather, snow weather, construction site, etc.

• Filter masks help reduce the viruses and bacteria that transmit the flu and keep your friends, family, and others from contracting the cold.

• Dustproof, breathable, hypoallergenic, and sterilized. They block dust and microorganisms without causing stress or anaphylactic reactions to last through.


Disposable Medical Mask Product Specifications

17.5x9.Sam (+0.5om), 50 pieces /box (Materials Non-woven cloth, Meltblown non-woven fabric (Polypropylene)

Storage Conditions

Temperature-20 C-38 C, humidity <80% [Storage Period] 3 years


  1. Distinguish the front and back, up and down of the mask. Then wash your hands.
  2. After wearing the mask, Squeeze the strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose.
  3. Then stretch the mask down to cover nose and mouth so that the mask does not leave wrinkles.

Manufactured under CE and FDA standard