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Ausway Deer Placenta K-Max 60000 100 Capsules

Ausway Deer Placenta K-Max 60000 100 Capsules

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Ausway Deer Placenta K-MAX 60000 100 Capsules

The placenta is a vital organ that is naturally needed for the exchange of nutrients between the mother and the fetus. Ancient Chinese and Vietnamese people explored the power of placenta as a source rich in nutrition, which nourishes the human body.

Ausway Deer Placenta 60000mg Extract Softgel is a biologically active substance that is isolated from the placenta of pregnant deer. It contains a type of peptide-protein (found in living cells) that can slow down the ageing process, regulate the immune system, reduce fatigue, and suppress age-related degeneration and mutation of cells. With long term use, it can effectively: increase immunity, improve quality of sleep, reduce constipation, boost sexual performance and improve skin’s condition.



Each capsule contains DeerPlacenta concentrate equivalent to 60000 mg standard quantity. It is a highly potency formula.


Take 2 capsules, 2 times per day or directed by a healthcare provider.



Keep out of the reach of children.