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Amini Mimi Sake Lees Make-Up Remover 250ml
Amini Mimi Sake Lees Make-Up Remover 250ml

Amini Mimi Sake Lees Make-Up Remover 250ml

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Make-up remover / Cleansing / Reduce Sensitivity / Dual-Use (also can be a toner)

Amini Mimi Sake Lees Make-Up Remover 250ml

High moisturizing and cleansing effect and moisturize while removing make-up.
To present skin’s basic moisturizing start with make-up remover. Facing the dirt remaining on the face caused by air pollution can be easily clean by a wipe as if it formed a protective film on the face. (Contain rich amount of Sake Lees extracts, small molecules of hyaluronic acid, nature moisturize factors, etc.)

Product Features:

1. Unique combination of high moisturizing ingredients Micelle micro-
rubber granules and unique high permeability skin-friendly new technology. Can effectively remove make-ups fast, deep clean, retain moisture, reduce sensitivity,
and moisturize while removing make-ups.
2. Refreshing and oil-free, fast remove make-up on face gently.
3. Deep cleansing, keep PM2.5 away, purify and clear pores.
4. Moisten skin, moisturize and hydrate skin while removing make-ups.
5. Contain small hyaluronic acid molecules, sake lees extraction, licorice extraction, etc. to maintain skin moisture.


-Wet the cotton pad with a small amount with the remover, gently wipe on the face to remove the make-ups on the face. Repeat the steps until the make-up is completed removed, and then wash face with clean water after. It can be used as a toner for face without make-up.

Suitable Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin type. (It is recommended to perform a partial test to
confirm there’s no special reaction before continue using.)


for external use only, avoid direct contact to eyes. If any discomforts occur, please stop using and consult a professional physician.
No chemical preservatives/PEG /EDTA /Essence /Petrochemical raw materials/SLS, SLES.Pass SGS test, biological test/heavy metal test.