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Amini Mimi Sake Lees Essential Oil 15ml
Amini Mimi Sake Lees Essential Oil 15ml

Amini Mimi Sake Lees Essential Oil 15ml

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Anti-aging / Smooth / Moisturize

Amini Mimi SAKE LEES ESSENTIAL OIL 15ml “Glittering, a luxurious beauty oil that pampers the skin” AMINI MIMI exclusive essential oil formula with a high degree of skin affinity, it helps speed up skin absorption. It can effectively reduce fine line traces caused by environmental stress and age, which makes skin smooth and bright, full and rich, and reduce fine lines.

The texture is more balance and meticulous, shines with noble lustre at all times, in which give you relax and happy beauty experience. This essential oil contains preciously luxury anti-ageing ingredient: Gentian extract, as one of the most ancient plant, legend said it could bring miracles of immortality, like the youth fountain of perfect skin, tighten and moisturize skin,

also improve lines and aging problem on skin. Clinical research has proved this essential oil has remarkable effects against vertical wrinkles and textures of skin. Continuously use 7 days can reduce 53% of wrinkles and 42% of skin roughness, and give skin smooth and delicate touch.

Product Features:

1. Firm skin texture, reduce dryness and fine lines appearance.
2. Brighten skin and enhance skin barrier function.
3. Unique essential oil formulas help relax and repair tire skin.
4. Added rapeseed sterol, which can moisturize the skin and reduce the chance of allergy.
5. Star anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients, total, Q10, and vitamin E.


Apply after toner. Take a drop of essential oil and use fingertips gently massage throughout the face and neck area until the essential oil is absorbed.

Suitable Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin type. (It is recommended to perform a partial test to
confirm there’s no special reaction before continue using.)


for external use only, avoid direct contact to eyes. If any discomforts occur, please stop using and consult a professional physician.
No chemical preservatives/PEG /EDTA /Essence /Petrochemical raw materials/SLS, SLES.Pass SGS test, biological test/heavy metal test.