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Amini Mimi Moisturising Lotion 60ml
Amini Mimi Moisturising Lotion 60ml

Amini Mimi Moisturising Lotion 60ml

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Firming / Repairing / Moisturizing / Whitening / Brightening

Full course moisturising, moisture brightening, create silk like smooth skin.
This lotion contains various amino acids and natural moisture factors, which can
effectively moisturise and repair skin. Combine with brown algae from icy
North Atlantic water; it slow down skin ageing and enchanting youthful lustre.
Main ingredients: AM Sake Lees extraction, Shea butter, glacial brown algae
extraction, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3&E, ceramide type III. Herbal essential oil: vetiver grass, geranium leaf, tea tree, etc., which can help relax and calm.

product Features:

1. Effective moisturizing and repair sensitive/weak skin.
2. keeps skin elasticity, smooth and firm, fight against ageing lines.
3. Moisturizing skin, moisture retention, snow-white effects.
4. Relieve skin’s external environment discomfort and enhance skin’s protection against environment damage.


-Apply after facial cleaning in morning/evening and after toner. Apply small amount by use fingertips, gently massage over the face and neck area until the serum is absorbed.

Suitable Skin Type

Suitable for all skin type. (It is recommended to perform a partial test to
confirm there’s no special reaction before continue using.)


 for external use only, avoid direct contact to eyes. If any discomforts occur, please stop using and consult professional physician.
 No chemical preservatives/PEG /EDTA /Essence /Petrochemical raw materials/SLS, SLES. Pass SGS test, biological test/heavy metal test.