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Amini Mimi Anti-Acne Essence 15ml
Amini Mimi Anti-Acne Essence 15ml

Amini Mimi Anti-Acne Essence 15ml

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Lighten dullness / Relieve / Tightening /Anti-allergy

Amini Mimi Anti-Acne Essence focus on reducing dullness and coarse pore problem can help relieve and improve, conditioning oil-water balance. Tranexamic acid: skin brightening and lighten dullness. Mandelic acid: effectively deal with oily skin, balance oil secretion. Hyaluronic acid: strong water retention, moisturizing, keep skin moisturized. Total: non-irritating natural anti-bacterial, with excellent anti-acne bacillus and anti-

Product Features:

1. Lighten dull skin, uneven complexion and darkness.
2. Balance oil secretion.
3. Gently soften keratin, firm skin pores.
4. Smooth fine lines and slow down skin ageing


Apply on the face before bedtime after cleaning. Apply to rough pores or pigment area.


Suitable Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin type. (It is recommended to perform a partial test to
confirm there’s no special reaction before continue using.)


for external use only, avoid direct contact to eyes. If any discomforts occur, please stop using and consult a professional physician.
No chemical preservatives/PEG /EDTA /Essence /Petrochemical raw materials/SLS, SLES.Pass SGS test, biological test/heavy metal test.