Orders containing temperature-sensitive products made after 10am Wednesday may not be dispatched until the following week.

Products marked with the ❄ symbol are temperature-sensitive and require meticulous handling to maintain their stability and efficacy. This category includes vaccines, medications, probiotics, and specific foods that could be damaged or rendered ineffective if exposed to temperatures outside their prescribed range.

Return Policy: Please be aware that these temperature-sensitive items cannot be returned for a refund once they have left our facilities due to their delicate nature.

Storage: Correct storage is vital for temperature-sensitive products to retain their stability and effectiveness. Typically, these products should be stored within a specific temperature range, usually between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Exposure to temperatures beyond this range can lead to irreversible damage.

Adhere to the storage instructions provided with the product. These guidelines may entail refrigerating the product within the designated temperature range and avoiding direct sunlight or other heat sources. Some temperature-sensitive products can be left outside the fridge for a short duration but must be returned to the fridge within a specified timeframe to maintain their stability.

Shipping: We at Ghama Health take shipping of temperature-sensitive products seriously. All such items are sent via Express Post with Australia Post, ensuring swift delivery. We also use special packaging materials like insulated boxes and cool packs to maintain the temperature during transit, reducing the risk of product damage.

However, Ghama Health will not be held responsible for customers not collecting their product from Australia Post on the day of arrival or leaving the product outside their house exposed to the elements. It is the customer's responsibility to promptly refrigerate the product upon arrival. If you cannot be at home during delivery, we suggest selecting an alternative address where someone can receive the delivery on your behalf.

By strictly adhering to the provided storage and shipping guidelines and taking necessary precautions during transit, we can ensure the safety and effectiveness of these temperature-sensitive products. Please remember the appropriate temperature range for these products and avoid exposing them to temperatures outside this range, as this could render them ineffective or potentially harmful.

Last updated: 28/07/2023