Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Mar 14 , 2022

Amher Delancel

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

The most alarming thing in the world is seeing your child sick, and as like any mother, you'll do whatever it takes to keep them healthy!


Below is a list of fantastic immune-boosting vitamins for kids—some of them taken daily and some when needed. So stock up on these immune-boosting vitamins now.

Vitamin C

We all know how good vitamin C is for us, but do you know how much you should take. Unfortunately, most of us and our children aren't taking enough vitamin C a day to help protect us and keep us healthy!

There are several forms of vitamin C you can give to your children.  

For older children who can swallow, you can provide them with vitamin C tablets. for the younger ones, you can mix vitamin C liquid into their juice every morning, and they don't even realize it's there.


Brauer's Liquid Vitamin C 

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids


Brauer's Liquid Vitamin C has been specially formulated to provide immune system support for children. 99% sugar-free and with a great fruity taste, Liquid Vitamin C is easy to administer and suitable for use from 1 year old!


BioCeuticals Ultra Potent-C Chewables 60 Tablets

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Ultra Potent-C® Chewables provide a high dose of vitamin C with supportive nutrients in a delicious orange-flavoured vegan chewable tablet. Vitamin C and zinc support a healthy immune system function. Vitamin C assists in maintaining energy levels as well as supporting collagen formation and wound healing. Betacarotene and vitamins C and E are antioxidants and help reduce free radicals formed in the body.

If your child comes down with a cold, add more to their juice. Most children's multivitamins do not provide enough vitamin C.

The best source of vitamin C is from fruits and vegetables, but if you have picky children, you'll want to get a great vitamin C supplement like the one below.



There are so many different life space probiotics to choose from, and it can get very confusing, and some are expensive. However, if you haven't tried probiotics yet, these will save your family from severe illnesses or stomach issues! 

Probiotics help keep you healthy and kill the harmful bacteria in your gut. Every illness begins in your gut, so staying healthy is an important take. It primarily protects your kids from stomach bugs which we all know are the worst illnesses for both kids and adults!

Some children don't like the taste of some vitamins, offers them a powder that you mix into yogurt or juice, and they'll eat it right up and never notice the difference. But, of course, you can always refrigerate and use them as soon as someone in your family gets sick!


Life Space Probiotic Powder for Children 60g

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

The digestive system microbiome contains a diverse range of bacterial species. Life-Space Probiotic Powder for Children contains 15 strains of beneficial bacteria and supports a healthy digestive system.

Specifically formulated to:

  • Support everyday health and wellbeing
  • Maintain immune system health
  • Support the intestinal microbiome
  • Support healthy bowel function


Vitamin D3

Years ago, children played outside all day long, Try to encourage that with kids, but sometimes it's just not possible. Our schedules might keep us indoors some days; send your kids outside and try to do outside activities with them as much as possible during the summer months. Kids hardly get sick in the summertime.  

Possibly because they aren't cooped up in classrooms with other coughing and sneezing kids as well, but the extra natural vitamin D they get from the sun protects them and boosts their immunity.

The sun can be the best source of vitamin D we can get! It can cure so many ailments and is needed to stay healthy year-round.

Taking a daily vitamin D3 supplement isn't as good as the sun but will help keep your child healthy and keep them protected from germs surrounding them. However, some children can be deficient in vitamin D, and your doctor can easily do a blood test to check their levels.


OsteVit-D Vitamin D3 Kids Drops 15ml

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

OsteVit-D Vitamin D3 Kids Drops contains vitamin D3 400 IU per 0.08mL (2 drops) to help develop teeth and healthy bones and support healthy immune system function. OsteVit-D Vitamin D3 Kids Drops are suitable for infants and children aged 0-12 years.

Free from sugar, gluten, yeast, gelatin, artificial colours, lactose, starch, wheat, soy, egg and shellfish.

  • Enhances calcium absorption
  • It helps develop teeth and maintain strong bones
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Aids muscle development and supports muscle function
  • All-in-one-easy to use dropper
  • 187 doses per pack
  • Free from gluten, yeast, sugar and artificial colours.
  • No need to refrigerate, even after opening
  • Pleasant Butterscotch Flavour
  • Australian owned


Omega 3

Omega 3 has many benefits, keeps kids healthy, and helps with their concentration. 

Rifold kids Cod liver fish oil 90 capsules

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Rifold kid's Cod liver fish oil is a nutrient-dense oil made from the livers of several species of codfish.

It contains large amounts of vitamins A, D, and omega-3 fatty acids and has been used for centuries to promote immune system health and prevent rickets. Rickets is a bone condition in children caused by lack of vitamin D., but cod liver oil's health benefits may not end there. The powerful nutrient-dense composition of cod liver oil also is thought to reduce inflammation, promote brain function, improve eyesight, and boost the immune system.


If you are having trouble getting your kids to take some of the vitamins above or not eating healthy enough, you'll want to look into a great multivitamin.

Most of your child's vitamins should come from their food. However, we all know that can't always go as planned, and you might have a picky eater that won't touch a piece of fruit. That's when you'll want to find a great multivitamin that doesn't have any crap in it like so many brands on the market today.

Herbs Of Gold Children's Multi Care 60 Chewable Tablets

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Herbs of Gold Children’s Multi Care is a delicious strawberry-vanilla chewable tablet naturally sweetened with Xylitol to support children's general health and wellbeing. 

  • Children’s Multi Care contains B vitamins to support energy production and nervous system health.
  • Children’s Multi Care contains 75 micrograms of iodine to support children's cognitive function, brain health, and thyroid gland health.
  • Children’s Multi Care contains vitamin C to maintain healthy immune system function and support the immune system to fight illness. Vitamin C also maintains skin health in children. 
  • Children’s Multi Care contains plant-based vitamin D3 to assist healthy bone development and maintain bone health in children. In addition, vitamin D helps calcium absorption, and a diet deficient in calcium can lead to osteoporosis in later life.
  • Children’s Multi Care contains antioxidants to reduce free radicals formed in the body.


You can make this homemade, which is so much better for you than store-bought and cheaper as well. However, if you don't have time, you can always purchase this


Herbs Of Gold Children's Cold Care 100ml

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Herbs of Gold Elderberry Echinacea & Olive Leaf is a great-tasting blackcurrant liquid formulated to support healthy immune system function.

  • Traditional cold & flu relief
  • Immune health
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Elderberry Echinacea & Olive Leaf contains herbs used in traditional Western herbal medicine to help reduce the severity and relieve symptoms of common colds and flu, including mild fever.
  • Elderberry is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve sore throat and cough symptoms.
  • Echinacea supports healthy immune system function.
  • Elderberry Echinacea & Olive Leaf contains herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve mild upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Olive leaf is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to maintain immune system health. It also acts as an antioxidant, helping to reduce free radicals formed in the body.
  • Start taking at the onset of cold & flu symptoms for maximum benefit.

Bath time 

Adding magnesium flakes to your child’s bath time routine is an excellent way to add magnesium to their body and get rid of any toxins in their bodies!  

 Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Ancient Minerals® magnesium bath flakes ultra, utilize premium distilled OptiMSM® and pure magnesium chloride. Without sufficient MSM sulphur, your body cannot maintain an appropriate level of homeostasis, and OptiMSM® has earned the reputation for being the most refined, safest, and most consistent MSM in the world.

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is an organic sulphur compound known for many benefits. It is an essential nutrient for joint mobility, muscle recovery, healthy skin, healthy aging, and immune system support.

MSM also maximizes the benefits of exercise and fitness. In addition, sulphur supports healthy skin, hair, and nails whilst is also encouraging detoxification and glutathione production contributing to optimal health.

With a slightly lower magnesium concentration and the skin-soothing properties of sulphur, Ancient Minerals® Ultra products are well-suited for those with sensitive skin.

  • Ideal for children and other sensitive individuals
  • Effective for stress relief and relaxation
  • Great for soaking muscles and joints


Garlic oil

Garlic oil is a godsend for ear infections in both children and adults. Grandmothers have used garlic oil for years, and it is even more effective than some antibiotics and much gentler on the gut.

You always make garlic oil at home. It is so easy to make. However, if you are short on time, of course, you can always purchase this. When your child is in so much ear pain, it will break your heart, and this helps them tremendously quickly. Please check with your doctor before adding garlic oil to an ear that’s ruptured. 


Equinox Botanicals Mullein Garlic Ear Oil 15ml

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

Equinox Botanicals Mullein Garlic Ear Oil is a unique, highly concentrated blend of herbs and oils combined to provide a powerful all-natural aid for good ear health. Our formula is packed with the highest quality herbs for maximum potency yet is suitable for children and pets.

Each of the carefully selected ingredients may support the body’s natural defences in conditions such as earaches, excessive wax, fungal infections, inflammation and ear sensitivity. For example, Equinox Botanicals Mullein Garlic Ear Oil is an excellent adjunct after using Ear Candles and may help to clear remaining waxy build-up and soothe irritated tissues.

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids



Most importantly, make sure your kids eat healthy foods and lots of fruits and vegetables! These are vital in keeping your kids healthy! Many young kids are picky eaters and only want the chicken nuggets and french fries but try your best to get them to eat a vegetable or fruit every day. 

Sleep is also so important! Kids will come down with something after a long busy weekend when they haven’t had enough sleep. Sleep is so essential for keeping kids healthy!

Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as health or medical advice. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.