How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

Jun 27 , 2021

Amher Delancel

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

 We all want to be healthier and more active. Still, it can often start to feel overwhelming with so much information on diet, nutrition, and exercise. It is enough to make your head spin!

One vital part of living a healthy life is more active and on your feet. But, unfortunately, our modern life is a little bit too relaxed and often has us sitting on our rear-ends for hours at a time. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that we are still maintaining some fitness inspiration in our daily lives.


Having a healthy diet is just one of the tips for a healthy lifestyle and only one puzzle piece. Having a healthy body also comes down to staying as active as you can.

Staying active and practising fitness workouts and exercises is what keeps your body in its best possible shape. Well as helping your body to maintain weight better and age healthily.

Staying fit and active is essential for many reasons and will ultimately help you to feel better as a whole!

Have a Workout Buddy

Having fitness goals at home can sometimes end up flopping and leaving you feeling unmotivated and unproductive.

It is easy to get distracted and venture from your exercise routine when you are home and surrounded by chores or family members.

That is why it can be so beneficial to have a workout buddy. Someone to hold you accountable and motivate you when needed! Plus, it is just more fun to work out when you are doing it with someone else!

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

 Exercise Routine

When it comes to staying active at home, you must keep to an exercise routine or schedule like you would if you were going to a gym. It is the only way you will keep up a steady fitness routine without letting it slip away into oblivion. Of course, your exercise routine will significantly depend on your fitness goals. Still, the most important thing is to have a pattern! Even one as simple as exercising for 10 minutes a day or three days a week. 


One easy way to keep track of your exercise routine is to use a planner. Keeping your exercise routine written down will help not only to remind you to work out but will allow you to track your progress!

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown


One easy way to stay active at home without having to commit to fitness workouts or exercises is to make sure to stretch throughout the day.

Take breaks throughout the day to stretch, jog in place, do a bit of yoga. Anything to get you off the chair and up and about!

These little 5 to 10-minute breaks for activity throughout the day will help you be just a little more active daily. Not to mention that it might give you some fitness inspiration to turn your break into a full-on workout!

Sensible Fitness Goals

When you are looking for staying active at home, it is essential to set sensible fitness goals. However, don't go over the top or set nonsensical and unreachable goals for yourself that you will never reach. Instead, try to be realistic about what you want to achieve those goals and aspirations! For example, be realistic about whether you want to lose five kilograms, tone your arms, train for a marathon, or want to be more active. 

Set realistic fitness goals, and you will be able to reach them!

You could even take a step further by investing in a fitness tracker to help you reach your fitness goals.

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

Take Walks

One straightforward and effective way at staying active at home is to incorporate daily walks into your routine.

And is an excellent way of staying active, revving up your heart rate, and generally living a healthier lifestyle.

Walks are a great way of getting a fitness workout in without much effort or thought. Plus, it is as good for your mind as it is for your body.

You can take this time to contemplate and relax, plan tomorrow night's dinner, spend some time with your kids, or walk your dog. There are so many benefits to walking and ways to use it to the best of your abilities!

 Active Daily Habits

This tip for a healthy lifestyle rounds up all of the already mentioned information. In addition, it embodies many ways to stay active daily.

Becoming more active and healthy is not a three days a week kind of task. Instead, it is something that should incorporate into everyday life to get the best results.

Your fitness goals and fitness inspiration shouldn't be limited to losing a certain amount of weight or looking a certain way. It should also just be about becoming healthier and happier.

It is not the weight that matters; it is the overall health you want to focus on; first, create a daily habit that keeps you active. Such as taking afternoon walks, taking breaks to get up and move around, keeping a routine workout in place, and generally try to move more and stay active.

Make it Enjoyable

Possibly one of the best tips when it comes to how to stay active at home is to make sure you are making it enjoyable. For example, don't do an intense cardio workout if you hate it or run on the treadmill if it makes you bored. Instead, try to find ways of staying active that you find fun and engaging or else you most likely won't be able to keep the habit up.

Making activity fun is the best way of guaranteeing that you will stick to those healthy habits. 

Work out with a friend, go for a jog with your dog, invite your husband or children to do a fun workout with you! Make it into something that you will actually enjoy doing and look forward to, Reestablishing the idea of staying active as an enjoyable activity instead of a punishment.

Be Kind to Yourself

No matter what steps you take towards having a healthier lifestyle, there is one thing that you must try to remember to be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you eat one too many cookies or skip a workout day. Don't talk down to yourself if you cave and eat more servings than you should have.

Don't sacrifice your enjoyment of life for the sake of maintaining your weight or healthful habits. Some moments only happen once, and you want to enjoy them and live in the present at times.

Try to be kind and lenient on yourself instead of holding onto strict rules when life gets in the way.

You're going to end up skipping workouts or not hitting your goals sometimes. It is just a fact of life!

So, no matter what steps you take to remain healthy when you are stuck at home, try to be kind to yourself—for example, permitting yourself to mess up once or twice.

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown

Avoid Alcohol

It might not be a prevalent one of these healthy habits, but you can't deny that alcohol does not fit you. It isn't beneficial for your mind or body, and it can have severely adverse effects on your health if indulged in too frequently. The healthiest option would be to cut out alcohol from your life completely. But if you are self-controlled, you could allow small indulgences once a week as a treat.

Prioritize Rest

 Create a mindset that understands the importance of rest. Being motivated and wanting to get ahead is an excellent quality, but it can't be your only mindset. Rest also has to become a priority.

Try to have at least one rest day a week to allow your body to recover. Muscles can properly grow or recover if not given the time to heal.

It is good to be motivated and inspired to get out there and get fit. But don't forget that rest needs a place in your life as well.

Reduce Daily Stress

One thing that is so important to focus on when trying to live healthier and find out how to stay active at home is your stress levels.

We all have daily stressors in our lives. But, unfortunately, no matter what your life may look like, these daily stresses are slowly taking effect on your mind and body without you even realizing it! Therefore, it is an essential good health habit to figure out what stresses you daily to resolve it.

Unfortunately, you can not eliminate all stresses from your life, but you can do your best to limit them. Unfortunately, stress has a way of choking out your motivation to live healthier and exercise. So try to limit your focus and don't allow it to push your workout routine out the window.


The information comprised in this article is for educational and informational purposes only, and it's not intended as health or medical advice. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Always seek advice from a healthcare professional regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

How to Stay Active at Home During Lockdown